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Top 50 Web Forums for Psychology Professionals

Sometimes, no matter your profession, it can help to have a safe place to go to share your frustrations with someone who understands the unique challenges of your job. When you have a career in psychology, it can be especially necessary to find an outlet. You work all day with people who might be challenging, whether it’s a boss that doesn’t like your latest psych profile, or a patient who is particularly difficult.

In many cases, web forums provide an opportunity to connect with people who share similar interests, and who have similar life experiences. Whether you are a psychology student looking for the best psychology programs, or whether you are a psychology professional looking to network, the Internet can be just the place for you.

Vent your feelings, get good advice, and share your knowledge. Here are 50 web forums that can provide you access to other psychology professionals:

General Psychology Forums

You can visit these web sites to access different forums on different aspects of psychology, and enjoy a general mish-mash of information about psychology. These are great forums to visit if you take a more general approach.

  1. General Psychology: An interesting forum that provides you access to professionals and amateurs alike.
  2. The Psychology Forum: Meant for students, professionals and teachers. A great resource.
  3. Psychology Forum: Check out different threads dealing with various aspects of psychology.
  4. PsychCentral: You can visit this great community revolving around issues of psychology.
  5. Professional Discussion Forum: This forum is a great place to catch up with various professionals, especially in social psych.
  6. Psychology Forum: This Topix forum offers information, news and latest research papers for discussion.
  7. Psychology & Neuroscience: A wide range of psychology topics and resources.
  8. General Psychology & Sociology: Plenty of interesting discussions.
  9. Practitioner’s Lounge: Designed for psychologists, psychiatrists and other therapists.
  10. Psychology Forums: Student doctor offers these psych forums to help you in your quest.

Clinical Psychology Forums

If you work in a clinical setting, or if you are a psychology student doing an internship in a clinical setting, it can help to connect with others who can share similar experiences.

  1. ClinPsy: A forum and community for those professionals and students interested in clinical psych.
  2. Clinical Psych Forum: Meant for mental health clinicians, this forum can provide a real support system.
  3. PsyClick: Resource and forum for aspiring clinical psychology professionals.
  4. Clinical Psychology: A great forum aimed mainly at grad students. Perfect for those who want to become psychology professionals.
  5. Psychiatry and Ethics Forum: Great forum for clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, addressing ethical issues.

Abnormal Psychology and Psychological Disorder Forums

Are you interested in some of the more “abnormal” aspects of psychology? If so, you can engage in some great discussions on these forum web sites. You can also find out more aout disorders and share your stories.

  1. Abnormal Psychology: Discuss this field with other professionals in the Psychology Wiki community.
  2. Dissociative Disorders: Discussions about this category of psych disorders.
  3. Psychological Disorders Forums: Visit these forums to connect with professionals and patients alike.
  4. PTSD Forum: Helpful insight into PTSD.
  5. MentalHelp: Join this community to connect with psych professionals, as well as learn about a patient viewpoint.
  6. Psychological Disorders: An interesting look at psych disorders from an adoption standpoint. Perfect for professionals helping adoptees and adoptive families.

Cognitive and Developmental Psychology Forums

These forums include neuroscience forums. The way that our brains process information, and the way we think, are topics of intense interest right now. Keep up with the debate by visiting these forums.

  1. Cognitive Disorders: This forum focuses on some of the disorders recognized by cognitive psychology.
  2. NeuroscienceForums: An interesting look at cognition and neuroscience.
  3. Neuroscience Forum: This is a forum for students and professors, as well as professionals.
  4. Cognitive Neuroscience: A great discussion about topics of the day.
  5. Child Psychology Community: Community for child and developmental psych.
  6. Developmental Disorders: Find out more about disorders that can affect child development.

Behavioral Psychology Forums

When it comes to quantifying psychology as it relates to behavior, this branch of the field is tops. You can share information, learn the latest happenings and generally vent about issues of importance to you and your colleagues.

  1. Psychology & Human Behavior Forum: An interesting look at behaviorism.
  2. Human Behavior Forum: Discuss different aspects of human behavior.
  3. Behavior Online: Different aspects of behavioral psychology.
  4. Behavior Modification: An interesting place to visit and discuss behavior modification.
  5. Addictions: Discussions about addiction, and overcoming it.

Health, I/O, and Environmental Psychology Forums

Keep up with the latest developments in health psychology. You can vent your frustrations with the current system, or share your wisdom and insights. Learn from others as well when you visit these forums.

  1. Psychology & Spirit: Issues dealing with different health related psychology topics.
  2. Professional I-O Psychology Forum: Industrial/Organizational psych is an interesting field that is related to health psychology, as well as environmental psychology. This forum keeps you plugged in.
  3. Psychology & Health Forums: Connect with professionals in Australia.
  4. Industrial Psychology Forum Page: A discussion page on Facebook.

Counseling Forums

If you are psychological counselor, these forums can be a great way for you to release. Share stories of patients (while complying with privacy laws, of course), and read about others’ experiences. These are great forums for kicking back and making connections.

  1. Counseling Psych Cafe: Great counseling topics, and a chance to offer your insight.
  2. The Counselor Connection: Get connected with other counselors and with concerned people seeking help.
  3. Online Counseling and Therapy: Check out the latest counseling techniques — used online.
  4. CSI Counselors’ Corner: Connect with other counseling professionals and discuss the news of the day.
  5. AllAboutCounseling: This can be a place to help others with your skills and insight.
  6. Leadem Counseling Forum: Join and you can have discussions and connect with other professional counselors.
  7. Grief Healing Discussion Groups: Helpful for any counselor who wants to learn.
  8. School Counselors Chatboard: Keep track of what’s happening in the world of school counseling.
  9. Young Psychologist Forum: Another great Facebook discussion page.

Psychology and Mental Health Career and Job Forums

If you are looking for career help and advice, as well as job listings, you can visit these forums to help you find your way.

  1. Psychologist Jobs Forum: Indeed features a jobs forum about psychology.
  2. Career and Employment Guidance: Get help with your psychology career.
  3. Psychology Academic Job Search: Wikidot offers a job search forum for academia.
  4. PsycCareers: The APA has a community to help you with your psychology career.
  5. PsychMinded: U.K. job site. Career forum, information and more.