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Pysch Corner – Top 50 Blogs About Depression

Depression is one of the most common psychological problems and can affect nearly everyone at some point during their life. Depression is a mental health disorder that can have a devastating impact on those who have it, as well as their families. Symptoms can include anything from mood swings to suicidal thoughts. Because of the stigma of the disease; however, many who suffer from it can feel isolated and reluctant to discuss it. One of the best ways to discretely research and talk about many things, including depression, is to turn to the internet.

To help, we have included the below top 50 blogs about depression. They include entries from professionals, patients, and even a few more distinct forms of depression such as bipolar disorder and postpartum depression.

Top Blogs About Depression by a Therapist

  1. Dr. Deb
    She is a psychologist and practicing psychoanalyst who specializes in treating trauma and depression. She takes on a variety of subjects from anxiety to violence on her blog. One of the most recent entries was on dividing work and leisure.
  2. About Psychology
    Kendra Cherry is a writer specializing in psychology, child development, and education. She has written about diverse topics in psychology including personality, social behavior, child therapy, research methods, and much more. Must reads on her blog include basics of psychology and Maslow’s hierarch of needs.
  3. Child Psychology Research Blog
    Because depression often happens early, stop by this blog. Nestor Lopez-Duran is a clinical child psychologist and researcher currently working as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan. His specialty is physiological and cognitive factors that contribute to the development of mood disorders in children and adolescents.
  4. PsyBlog
    Jeremy Dean is a researcher at University College London, working towards a PhD. His blog is devoted to how the mind works and studies he has conducted. Popular articles are on postures that boost performance and the psychological effects of nonsexual touch.
  5. Commitment to Living
    This blogger knows how bad depression can get. This family psychologist learns and shares about suicide risk and prevention, along with depression here. A recent entry was on at risk patients who rarely show up.
  6. Shrink Rap
    Visit here for something truly unique. Dinah and Roy feature a blog by psychiatrists for psychiatrists. Also a good stop for patients.
  7. Therapy Soup
    Richard Zwolinski and C.R. Zwolinski team together to bring you a veritable soup of therapy in this blog. Categories include depression, objectives, patient rights, and more. They recently discussed why patients can be resistant to therapy.
  8. Society for Christian Psychology
    If you want to use your Christian faith to help battle your depression, this blog is an excellent choice. It is a group blog where psychologists use Christian inspiration to help both patients and readers. Gospel quotes, prayers, and much more are all offered.

Top Blogs About Depression by a Patient

  1. Lawyers With Depression
    Under other circumstances, lawyers can cause a great deal of depression. However, Dan Lukasik created this site and blog to help those suffering from depression realize they are not alone. In addition to regular posts, there are many other resources to be had here.
  2. Depression on my Mind
    Christine Stapleton hit her rock bottom five years ago in her fight against depression. In this blog for Psych Central, she recounts the journey out. She even recently recalled the last incidence of major depression.
  3. About Depression
    Nancy Schimelpfening has a lifetime of experience with depression, experiencing firsthand how devastating this illness can be and how the correct medical intervention can turn mere existence into living. She has a degree in Biology and an MS degree in Community Health Education. Her blog also includes many videos and support groups on the topic.
  4. Jumpstarting a Life With a Little Spark to the Head
    As evidenced in many films, electroshock therapy was akin to torture. However, this blogger has been chronicling her treatments with ECT for depression. It is a standout choice for showing how the treatment works and how well it worked for her.
  5. Fighting the Darkness
    Jamie has two little girls who inspire her to battle depression. Fighting it since age twelve, she uses the blog as a way to stop hiding the secret. She recently examined the difference between depression and physical illness.
  6. Reflections on Depression
    Stop here for a blog on depression, mental health, and many related topics. They include charities, news, and much more. Because knowledge is the best medicine, there is this blog.
  7. Storied Mind
    How can a simple story help battle depression? John Folk-William has loads of blog entries in answer to that very question. He recently blogged on a series of stories on recovery.
  8. Depression Marathon
    Have you ever been told that exercise can do wonders for depression? So has Etta, an avid runner and longtime sufferer of depression. Her goal is to reduce the stigma and improve the understanding of the disorder.

Top Combo Blogs About Depression

  1. Our Journey Through Life
    Kris, aka the German, believes there is too much stigma attached to all things mental health. Her husband was diagnosed with depression and general anxiety disorder. She writes about their progress as a family and shares thoughts on mental health.
  2. A Splintered Mind
    Douglas Cootey discusses overcoming depression and AD/HD with lots of humor and attitude. With over 60 articles, you can check out more with links. He also discusses procrastination and distraction.
  3. Sugar Filled Emotions
    Melissa is in her forties and has been living with depression most of her life. Throw in diabetes and you have this blog for coping with both. She also includes a positive words list and more.
  4. McMan’s Depression and Bipolar Web
    Get information on both disorders with a visit here. Sections include mood, behavior, recovery, science, and more. Featured articles currently include “Depression or Thinking Deep?” and “The Ultimate Mood Stabilizer.”
  5. Una Vita Bella
    Amy developed fibromyalgia about five years ago, most likely as a result of a very difficult pregnancy. She also battles PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Meaning “a beautiful life,” she hopes her blog will inspire others suffering from similar conditions.
  6. Anxiety and Depression
    Melissa and Kevin team up to blog about mental health. Between the two of them, they share firsthand stories of general anxiety disorder and depression. A recent entry was on the ineffectiveness of a recent trial with acupuncture.
  7. Life Was Beautiful
    Just Another Girl shares her story of dealing with depression, anxiety, and the world. Although she hopes to be happy one day, she often shares the dark side of mental health here. Beware of graphic language.
  8. The Highly Sensitive Wallflower
    Alice admits to rambling in addition to being a wallflower. However, her thoughts on anxiety, depression, and fear are worth the stop. Daily life and updates are also featured.
  9. The Cracked Pot
    How does Gina Lind battle depression and a whole house full of kids? Only she knows for sure, but readers of her blog get a glimpse. Also, the story of the cracked pot is worth a read.

Top Bipolar Blogs About Depression

  1. The Bipolar Diva
    Stop here for the adventures and misadventures of a suburban bipolar mom trying to keep it together. These are her experiences of living with bipolar, eight kids, three dogs, three cats, three Harleys, and a tortoise. A simple blog entry on the third birthday of her granddaughter alone makes the blog worth reading.
  2. <About Bipolar
    Marcia Purse was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in early 1999 and knows firsthand the difficulties of living with the illness. She uses her blog to share her research on finding the right medical treatment. Be sure not to miss the glossary lists hundreds of terms you might run into when reading or talking about bipolar disorder.
  3. Bipolar and Me Visit here for the story of a bipolar girl trying to make sense of the world. Although it is not who she is, it does affect her daily life in ways discussed on the blog. A recent entry was on a messed up friend.
  4. The Last Degree
    Lisa started this blog in 2008 to raise awareness for bipolar disorder. She also aims to present the universe all her intentions, via the Law of Attraction. Topics discussed often include career, family, and much more.
  5. Bipolar Happens
    Get straight talk on bipolar disorder from Julie A. Fast here. She includes podcasts and videos, in addition to blog posts. One of the latest was on work.
  6. Magical Shrinking
    Christiane Wells is the author of a book of the same name. However, you can still read about stumbling through bipolar disorder on the blog. There are also entries on addiction, food, and even North Korea.
  7. HP Blogs
    The Healthy Place features loads of blogs on mental health. There are many to choose from on bipolar and other disorder. The main site also has more information.
  8. BPD in OKC
    This blogger takes the whole “who does depression hurt” commercial to a whole new level. She frankly discusses how to maintain sanity in a world of “candy coated misery.” Also noted for graphic language, she discusses many things frankly.
  9. Bipolar Beat
    Stop here for another group blog from Psych Central. However, Candida Fink and Joe Kraynak do a good job of sharing different viewpoints. They are also the authors of “Bipolar Disorder for Dummies.”

Top Postpartum Blogs About Depression

  1. My Postpartum Voice
    This blog is full of various stories, resources, and insights for every struggling mother, for partners, family members, and even for professionals looking for a glimpse into the mind of a survivor. In addition to suffering from postpartum OCD, this blogger has had loads of mental health issues, including depression. Words of inspiration and helpful links are often shared.
  2. Postpartum Progress
    Stop here for Katherine Stone’s unflinching look at PPD. Must reads include “6 Things Every New Mom Should Know About Postpartum Depression” and “6 Things Every Healthcare Pro Should Know About Postpartum Depression.” There are also videos, reader’s favorites, and much more.
  3. Confessions of an Anti-Depressant Taking Mom
    Momsrus started this blog as an effort to help others who feel the same way as her. It is her testimony on postpartum depression and anxiety. Thoughts on life, ramblings, and more are also shared.
  4. Musings Musings Musings
    Visit here for a blog about PTSD, prenatal and postpartum depression, healing, motherhood, spirituality, theology, pop culture, and more. The Muser is many things including a student success coach. Check out the blog for updates, thoughts, and of course, musings.
  5. Ivy’s PPD Blog
    Visit here to get Ivy’s survival story on PPD. Popular posts include the difference between baby blues and postpartum depression and internet sites offering instant cures. She recently weighed in on the topic of infertility.
  6. The Heir to Blair
    Blair is a Southern girl, miscarriage survivor, and former sufferer of postpartum depression. Read about all three and more on her blog. She also has a best bites and pen sections.
  7. All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Something Something
    Proving that a Stephen King like freakout isn’t just for dads is Kimberly. She is a nurse and “postpartum depression and anxiety a—kicker.” Check out how with a read.
  8. The Postpartum Stress Center
    This center provides notes on prenatal and postpartum depression for women and their families. Karen Kleiman is its founder and director and has 20 years of experience in the field. There are also many related tools on the blog.
  9. Mood-Disordered Mama
    Carrie has been very likely dealing with OCD and GAD since the age of ten. Not surprisingly, she later developed PPD and writes all about it. Life as a 30 something stay at home mom and cognitive behavioral therapy also come up.
  10. The Vaca Loca
    She began the blog in her deepest stages of PPD> The name of the blog refers to a “lactating, co-sleeping, attachment parenting new mama who thought she had slipped past the postpartum depression monster unscathed.” You can read the entire story from beginning to present.

Top Other Blogs About Depression

  1. Beyond Meds
    This blog stands out for sharing alternatives to psychiatry. Everything from meds to therapy is discussed. A recent article was on therapy addiction.
  2. After Psychotherapy
    Now that your therapy is over, you must be all better, right? Check out this blog for a guide of what to expect when therapy sessions are over. Rules, points, destinations, and more are all discussed.
  3. Draw That Beast
    It can be hard enough to put depression into words, but how about pictures? This blogger specializes in displaying their own and other’s artwork inspired by depression. Visit to view, or add your own.
  4. Surprisingly Sane
    This mother used to be adamantly anti-drug. She even gave birth in water with no pain meds. See why she is singing a different tune now on the blog.
  5. Overcome Anxiety Blog
    Those going through depression can also find themselves confronting anxiety. Learn more about what it is and how to combat it in this blog. A recent entry was a video by a depression psychiatrist.
  6. Tips on How to Cure Depression
    Although there is no one cure for depression, Aluajala keeps on top of what has worked for others. The series on how antidepressants work is not to be missed. One of the latest entries was on how and when depression starts.

Remember that the above top 50 blogs about depression are just for educational purposes only. Please consult your own physician before following any of the advice or changing any medications.