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Top 40 Psychology & Mental Health Professional Job Sites

If just graduated or finishing a degree in psychology, the task of getting a job can be as difficult as getting an education. In the olden days, everyone read the same newspaper, which had the same job openings, and everyone could compete for them. Now with information literally moving at the speed of light, job openings can close before you even knew they were open.

To help keep you ahead of the digital curve, we have gathered the top 40 psychology and mental health professional job sites. Whether looking for work as an intern, licensed psychiatrist, or just need some information on the field, all is answered below.

Top Psychology Professional Job Sites

If looking for jobs in psychology, check out these job sites just for that.

  1. American Psychological Association
    Their online career center is an excellent resource for employers to find top-quality candidates and for job seekers to locate jobs in various psychology disciplines. There are over 150,000 members in the association with loads to offer. You can also get many other resources for psychologists here.
  2. Psychology Jobs
    This job search site gives you the option to search by specialty such as child psychology and forensic. You can also browse by location or employer. Be sure not to miss the other job seeker resources such as articles and resume help..
  3. Association for Psychological Science
    The APS has many tools for psychologists and mental health professionals. The Employment Network is just one of them and offers resources for both job seekers and employers. You can also get the latest news and journals on the site.
  4. Psychwatch
    Get job listings and position announcements with a visit here. The most recent, along with a detailed description, are featured on the homepage. You can also use them to find grant opportunities.
  5. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Inc.
    Their Job Net is a service designed to match leading employers with highly qualified candidates in the field of industrial-organizational psychology. You can find both jobs and graduate training programs here. They also have a placement center and internships.
  6. Jobs in Psychology
    Click here to check out the over 2,000 psychology jobs listed. They have the option to search jobs or post your resume. They also have career advice and even have a featured job in psychology.
  7. Psychology Career Center
    If still unsure about the psychology career you want, click here. The site is a massive database of all the different sorts of psychology careers available. They also have other options like salary info and a job search.
  8. Psychology Careers
    Similar to the above, this is a psychology career site. It can tell you all about different areas of psychology including sports, criminal, and child. They even have an online psychology dictionary.
  9. Psychology Careers
    Use Career Builder to find all sorts of job postings. This special section is just for psychology and currently has over 2,600 jobs. You can also narrow down by health care, management, entry level, and others.
  10. Psych Careers
    The folks at Psychology Today may not have the usual job openings option, but they are definitely worth a look. In addition to the latest news they have this section all about careers in psychology. Check out the latest, or get expert tips through one of their many blogs.

Top Mental Health Professional Job Sites

Check out other jobs in mental health with a view below.

  1. APA Careers
    The American Psychological Association returns here with more tools for the job seeker. You can even find jobs within their very own organization. They also have loads of other topics and even a special section for education.
  2. Jobs @ NIH
    Visit here for the official job posting site of the National Institutes of Health. Options include administrative, executive, internship, and even scientific/clinical jobs. There is even a guide for how to apply on their site.
  3. Careers/ Carrieres
    If looking to work in mental health in Canada, click here. They have openings for jobs from the Canadian Psychological Association. There are also options for students, the public, and researchers.
  4. NHS Jobs
    Check out the UK’s job openings for mental health professionals at the National Health Service. They include both the latest jobs and job news on the homepage. You can also do a search and even register your information on the site.
  5. Careers, Education, and Training
    Get guides for all three by visiting the British Psychological Society. They have loads of tips for undergraduates, graduates, and those ready to enter the job field. You can also learn more about a membership in the society.
  6. Psych Xchange
    Get psychology and mental health jobs in Australia on this site. They have the latest jobs, along with other information, here. You can also check out the different job types such as commercial and HR psychology.
  7. Psychologist Vacancies
    Stop by the New Zealand Psychological Society to check out openings in psychology. They have the latest vacancies listed on this section. There is also information on how to become a psychologist in the country, as well as how to register.
  8. Career Opportunities
    The Singapore Psychological Society has a listing of career opportunities here. New postings, along with requirements, are shared. You can also learn other information and requirements for mental health professionals in the area.
  9. PhD Psychology
    If you have or are earning a doctorate in psychology, stop here. The site is just for PhDs and has job listings just for them, including in psychology. They also have other resources for those studying for an advanced degree.
  10. Behavioral Health Jobs
    Use this search engine to find the mental health jobs that concentrate in behavioral. Simply type in what and where to begin. .

Top Specialty Psychology & Mental Health Professional Job Sites

If looking for work in a special realm of psychology or mental health, use these sites.

  1. Higher Ed Jobs
    Looking to work in higher education? Then stop here to check out all the jobs in universities, colleges, and postsecondary institutions. They also have career tools such as employment reports and tips for international candidates.
  2. The Chronicle of Higher Education
    Similar to the above, this publication focuses on universities and higher education. They have a special section that advertises jobs. Choose from executive, administrative, and even faculty/research jobs.
  3. Academic Careers Online
    In another entry for academic jobs, they have loads of jobs for all interested in working at the collegiate level. They include faculty, adjunct, research, post doc, and other positions. Simply click on Applicants to begin.
  4. Social Psychology Network
    Find jobs for social psychologists here. They include academic, non-profit, and other organizations looking for psychologists. There is also an FAQ and resources for students.
  5. Idealist
    Want to work as mental health professional or psychologist for a non-profit? Then stop here to get job listings. You can also post your profile and get other options here.
  6. Social Service
    If looking to work in mental health and social service, stop here. They have jobs for social work, counseling, psychology, sociology, mental health, and many others. You can also create an account with more options.
  7. Psych Temps
    Looking to work in mental health or psychology on a temporary basis? Then stop here to get more information from a national recruiting firm. You can register for free to begin looking for jobs.
  8. Psychology Beyond Borders
    Want to put your mental health expertise to the greater good? Then stop by the site of this no-profit to see what volunteering opportunities are open to you. They also have the latest news and more information on the site.
  9. Psychiatrist Jobs
    If going into the field as a psychiatrist, stop here. From MD Job Site, they list many openings for doctors, including this specialty. Just choose your state to begin.
  10. Phys Emp
    Similar to the above, this is another job placement site for physicians. You can visit their special section for psychiatrists, which list job by state and even a few overseas options. You can also search by type of job such as locum or permanent..

Other Top Psychology & Mental Health Professional Job Sites

Get more jobs in mental health and psychology on these sites.

  1. USA Jobs
    Did you know that the government also needs psychologists and mental health professionals? Visit their official site to search the current job openings. You can also search by location and branch of work sought.
  2. Career Shift
    Get job hunting and career management solutions for all professionals here. They have outstanding employment tools not found on other sites such as a search for all job boards and up to date contact information for millions of companies.
  3. Vault
    Ready to spend a little money on your job search? Check out what a gold membership here can do to help you find a job. There are also many job postings to be found here.
  4. Quintessential Careers
    Many professionals, including mental health and psychology, have come to this site for job seeking tools such as portfolio building and salary wizard. They also have many other features including career toolkit and the usual job search features. There are also international jobs here.
  5. Link Up
    If larger companies are what you wish, click here. They have job openings from over 22,000 company websites. Simply search your location, job type, or employer.
  6. Realmatch
    Ever wish job sites worked more like dating sites? Then visit here for a site that specializes in matching employers and job candidates. They boast over one million jobs waiting to be matched.
  7. Visual CV
    Text resumes are so out. Stop here to create a virtual, online resume. Add images, videos, along with text, to create a true resume 2.0 here. You can even get your own URL to direct potential employers to it.
  8. Internships
    Still in school or have just graduated? Then check out one of the world’s largest internship sites. They feature over 45,000 internships in all areas, including mental health.
  9. Workforce 50
    On the other end of the spectrum? Then stop here to get a job board for those over 50. They even have an educational section for those who are looking to expand their learning. You can also get news and expert information.
  10. Women for Hire
    Get jobs for the female half on this site. Experts feature loads of advice and tools that is useful for both genders. Be sure not to miss the blog with more.

The above top 40 psychology and mental health professional job sites are a great tool to help you find a job or learn more about a career. You can also use the internet to search for items such as average salary in psychology and psychology program rankings. If experiencing a serious emotional problem, contact a licensed health professional.