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The Psychology of PTSD – The Top 50 Bloggers Shed Light

Post-traumatic stress disorder is not a new phenomena, although more recent events such as September 11, Hurricane Katrina, and the wars in the Middle East have certainly allowed psychologists the opportunity to learn more about this disorder in order to better understand it as well as better treat their patients.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that results in psychological trauma. Some of the more common forms of PTSD can be found in victims of sexual abuse, the military, and anyone who has experienced a traumatic moment. It is estimated that at least 10,000,000 Americans have experienced some form of PTSD.

Even with so many suffering from the same condition, it can still be easy to feel alone. But not only those experiencing PTSD are affected. It can affect family members and friends as well. To help get an opinion from those who have experienced some form of posttraumatic stress disorder, we have gathered the top 50 bloggers shedding light on PTSD. They are authored by experts, patients, family members, and even experts in neuroscience. They open up new understanding about this disorder and how to cope and manage every day life.

The Top Expert Bloggers Shedding Light on PTSD

  1. Healing Combat Trauma : If you need some tips on reading about PTSD, this blog does not disappoint. Lily Casura is a published writer whose interests are on veterans, particularly with PTSD and related issues such as the social, medical, and legal. Categories include everything from academic papers to yoga for PTSD.
  2. PTSD : Dr. Matthew Tull conducts research on anxiety disorders (specifically PTSD) and substance use problems. He has published extensively in these areas and is the recipient of grant funding from the National Institute of Drug Abuse of the National Institutes of Health. Must reads on his blog include the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of PTSD.
  3. Trauma Blog : This clinical social worker specializes in the treatment of trauma. They use EMDR, a therapeutic tool that helps people move from chaos to integration. Daily life, tips, and much more are discussed on the blog.
  4. Wounded Times : This blog’s tagline is “PTSD does not have to win as long as we care enough to learn.” With that in mind, Chaplain Kathie blogs to show others they are not alone. A recent entry was on the slashing of military benefits.
  5. PTSD Blog : This organization focuses on helping families with PTSD through the recovery process. They also offer a fact sheet on PTSD for immediate download. You can also get the latest information on the organization.
  6. World of Psychology : This group of psychologists shares loads of expert advice at Psych Central. The best of several blogs are featured here, along with many posts on PTSD and related disorders. You can choose from many topics from addiction to therapy.
  7. Blooming Lotus : Faith Allen is a survivor of child abuse and PTSD. Like the lotus, she found her way back through the muck of life to find beauty in the world and shares how. In addition to her personal story, you can also find answers to reader’s questions, personal triumphs, and more.
  8. EFT4Vets : EFT Coach Ingrid Dinter is the owner of EFT4Vets in Hopkinton, NH and is an Interfaith Minister with the NH Board for Mental Health practice. Her blog is full of tools to help veterans and their families heal from the trauma of war. Although it has been awhile since the last entry, the free resources alone are worth the visit.

The Top News Bloggers Shedding Light on PTSD

  1. Veterans and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder : Believe it or not, “The New York Times” features articles about the mental health issues that some veterans are facing after returning home, including commentary and archival articles. You can check out the highlights featured over the years or even get links to related headlines from around the web. There are also other articles specifically for veterans.
  2. MedWorm : If you are searching for the latest research concerning PTSD, stop here. Medworm has daily features and reports on various diseases and offers over 8,000 entries on PTSD alone. You can also use it to research loads of other diseases and conditions.
  3. Psych Central : This popular site features the latest news on many mental health disorders, including PTSD. Visit to get the latest headlines, along with the most popular news and blog entries. You can also use it to look up and get information on PTSD.
  4. Medicine Net : Similar to the above, this is another medical site with a special section for PTSD. You can find information about medications for PTSD, along with resources for other similar disorders. There are even patient discussions to read.
  5. PTSD News : This newsfeed is offered by With the military PTSD sufferer in mind, there are many headlines straight from the military. There are also headlines sorted by most popular and what’s hot.
  6. PTSD News : Unlike the above, this is the newsfeed from Science Daily. With tons of stories per day, the site focuses on science headlines and has a special section for PTSD. They also offer many videos, links, and up to the minute news on related items.
  7. Migraine Chow : This blogger writes ramblings on life, dealing with mental disorders, and C-PTSD. However, there are loads of resources for those with PTSD including “fun n stoopidity” and “handy dandy metal resources.”

The Top Military Bloggers Shedding Light on PTSD

  1. PASP : Rob and others tells their story and struggle with PTSD in this blog. Their goal is to share what a combat veteran goes through after the media and people forget. They also offer various posts on how to communicate with someone with PTSD, understanding them, tips for family and friends, and much more.
  2. Wife of a Wounded Marine : Katie’s world was flipped when her husband was hit with an IED in Iraq. Her family then faced a number of obstacles including a pill addiction, overdose, amputation, and PTSD. The blog is the only comfortable place she feels she can share her raw emotion and she does in spades.
  3. Living With PTSD and TBI : This blogger is also the wife of someone with PTSD and traumatic brain injury. Uncle Sam’s Mistress is a 34 year old army reservist wife who writes for self-help therapy and to hopefully help other spouses going through the same. The blog also has tons of options from army strong retreats to wounded warrior wives.
  4. PTSD Combat : This is the online journal of Ilona Meagher, veteran’s daughter and author of “Moving a Nation to Care: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and America’s Returning Troops.” Her blog focuses on the combat related variety of PTSD. She also offers stress resources, research tools, and more.
  5. Family of a Vet : This site was created trying to figure out how to handle the “after shocks” of combat including PTSD. Choose from the blog, real life guides, or even an option to share your story. They also offer loads of other resources.
  6. The Invisible Wounded : Gina is also the wife of a wounded military member with PTSD, among other things. Her blog discusses the challenges and triumphs of daily life. She often posts on their daily life, as well as how PTSD can affect family members.
  7. Some Things I’ve Learned : The Krippled Warrior is from Southern California. His blog contains emotionally charged accounts of his experiences concerning PTSD. Along with personal stories, he also features links and items that interest him.
  8. TBI Warrior : This soldier is a sufferer of traumatic brain injury, which is often coupled with PTSD. The TBI stands out for showing what life was like before and after the incident. There are also videos, images, and much more.
  9. Patience Mason’s PTSD Blog : She is the wife of a Vietnam vet, Robert Mason. He wrote the book, “Chickenhawk,” a memoir of his tour as a helicopter pilot, who came home with PTSD. New entries can be sparse, but her blog is unique for dealing with PTSD for seniors.

The Top Patient Bloggers Shedding Light on PTSD

  1. Heal My PTSD : Michele is a trauma survivor who struggled with undiagnosed PTSD for 25 years. And then she was diagnosed and went on a healing rampage and is 100 percent PTSD-free today. Visit her blog to learn how she did it, as well as getting invaluable information on awareness, education, treatment, and healing.
  2. A Journey : Susan entered the mental health system in 1992 following a violent marriage, a lifelong history of trauma dismissed, and 15 years of “diagnosis”, “medications” and a routine of weekly “talk” therapy. After shedding a ton of labels, she chooses to follow her dreams and share a message of empowerment, healing, and hope. In addition to the blog, you can also hear her on Blog Talk Radio.
  3. Art Constellation : Jenny is a survivor of 14 years of incest and abuse. She uses her art as way to express herself and recover from her past. Visit to view the art, or just read the latest blog entry.
  4. Confessions of a Serial Insomniac : Pandora is an Irish woman who was diagnosed with severe clinical depression at the age of 14 and has since developed other mental health problems. She has had social anxiety, a borderline personality disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder as a result of sexual abuse. Beware of strong language and potentially triggering material.
  5. Bliss Chick : Susan found a passion for dance after attending a friend’s wedding. This gift was able to give her the tools she needed to combat her PTSD, which had appeared as depression, anxiety, and an overall fear of living. She is now a certified Yoga Dance teacher and writes about daily life.
  6. PTSD Creative Writing : Amy is from Wisconsin where she uses her writing as a form of therapy for PTSD. She is currently a college student studying for a MFA and shares loads of writing. Poetry is often shared through the blog.
  7. Catatonic Kid : The CK suffers from a variety of disorders, including PTSD. An outstanding choice for an original and humorous view. Must reads include the “PTSD Crib Sheet” and “An Idiot’s Guide to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.”
  8. A Post Cynical Seer : Jaliya’s blog is where war and peace are discussed with the best humor she can muster. She has experienced several developmental traumas and devoted her life’s work to the service of healing. Visit to get posts on daily life, musings, and resources.
  9. PTSD: A Love Story : Emme has been together with Jay for seven years. Her blog is a way for her to deal with his PTSD and to provide a record of her love. It is a must visit for those who love someone with PTSD.
  10. Post Traumatic Paths : This blog reflects a post-traumatically stressed, majorly depressed social phobic’s most transparent thinking before and after her breakdown. Heather also shares her experiences through writing. Although it has been over a year since the latest entry, her thoughts are still worth a read.

The Top Association Bloggers Shedding Light on PTSD

  1. National Center for PTSD : This association is part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Visit to get information for veterans and the general public on PTSD, along with items for providers and researchers. You can also find help in your area, expert articles, and much more.
  2. Anxiety Disorders Association of America : The ADAA offers sections on understanding anxiety, finding help, and taking actions. There are tons of personal stories to choose from. There are even podcasts on the topic from experienced professionals.
  3. Gift From Within :This international non-profit is intended to help survivors of trauma and victimization. In addition to finding articles on PTSD, the webcasts are not to be missed. There is also art, poetry, and music specifically for victims.
  4. America’s Heroes at Work : This group supports the employment success of returning service members with PTSD. The blog is full of information containing success stories and tips for employers. You can also visit to get a veterans hiring toolkit.
  5. This Emotional Life : Offered by PBS, this series takes a hard look at sufferers of PTSD. Visit to get clips, learn more about the DVD, and view behind the scenes. You can also get a resource finder with nearly 3,000 organizations focused on mental health in your area.
  6. International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies : The ISTSS provides information on all aspects of trauma and PTSD, as well as links to other non-profit organizations and foundations that focus on trauma and PTSD. Offerings include the Journal of Traumatic Stress as well as global connections. There are even resources for students of the disorder.
  7. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network : Because children can also suffer from PTSD, visit here. There are sections specifically for learning about childhood and adolescent traumas, along with resources for understanding. You can also choose to read articles for parents, families, educators, and even information in Spanish.
  8. The National Alliance on Mental Illness : NAMI has loads of resources for every kind of mental illness, including PTSD. Visit to get videos and documentaries made by experts. You can also use the site to research medications, find support and programs, check out the blog, and much more.
  9. Wounded Warriors : This project helps wounded active and veterans of the military return to society. Choose from the many programs available such as benefits counseling and peer mentoring. The latest news is featured on the homepage.
  10. Real Warriors : Similar to the above, this organization focuses on resilience, recovery, and reintegration. Choose from resources for active duty, national guard and reserve, veterans, families, or health professionals. They also offer message boards where you can meet other survivors of PTSD.

The Top Neuro Bloggers Shedding Light on PTSD

  1. Brains on Purpose : Stephen West and Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz discuss neuroscience and conflict resolution in their popular blog. Categories include bizarre items such as “acting as if” and “neuro-talk.” They often break down complex neuroscience topics for the everyday reader to understand.
  2. Mind Hacks : Neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what’s going on inside your brain are featured on this blog. Tom Stafford and Matt Webb also authored a book of the same name. With archives dating back to 2004, make time for this blog.
  3. Neuroscience News : Visit here to get research news from the cutting edge of neuroscience. Topics include groups, books, jobs, and more. The latest entries are on subjects such as human thought, the thoughts of the blind, and bioengineering.
  4. Deric Bownds’ Mindblog : Visit this blog for Deric’s Mindblog podcasts on advanced neuro topics. Categories range from acting to technology. A recent entry was on the mind workings of obesity.
  5. MIT News : Get the latest neuroscience research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Recent entries are on habit, younger brains, and nerve cell generation. There are also loads of other headlines to choose from.
  6. Brain Blogger : This is an award winning biomedical blog that covers topics from multidimensional biopsychosocial perspectives. They review the latest news and research related to neuroscience/neurology, psychology/psychiatry, and health/healthcare. Popular posts include the “Personality of Chronic Fatigue” and “Clinical Psychologists’ Perceptions of Persons With Mental Illness.”

Although the information in the above top 50 bloggers shedding light on PTSD can be useful, be sure and consult a licensed physician before following any of the advice read on them.